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Indian Native American Navajo hallmark on silver

Southwest & Indian Shop Trademarks

Hopi Indian Native American hallmark on silver

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Hopi picto marks > - Native American & Southwest picto marks >
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Southwest Shop hallmarks:

(Shop owners may be not Native American)
3H Three Hogans Southwest jewelry shop hallmark
Three Hogans
broken arrow trade mark for Alltribes AZ
Alltribes AZ 1
Alltribes trademark
Alltribes AZ 2
Alltribes trademark
Alltribes 3
arrow is Alltribes trademark
Alltribes 4
Alltribes mark
Alltribes 5
AMT mark on jewelry is Arizona Mines Trading Co
Arizona Mines Trading Co. ?
Atkinson Trading Company trademark
Atkinson Trading Co
A touch of Santa Fe
A Touch of Santa Fe
Bell trading post shop hallmark
Bell Trading Post
Bell Trading Post trademark on Indian jewelry
Bell Trading Post 2
Copper Bell trademark for Bell Trading Post
Bell Trading Post copper
Bell Trading Post Silver trademark
Bell Trading Post sterling
Sterling Bell mark is another Bell Trading Post trademark
Bell Trading Post sterling 2
Bell Trading Post Albuquerque shop hallmark
Bell Trading Post?
BGM and compass trademark for BG Mudd shop in Corrales NM
BG Mudd Corrales NM
Broken Arrow Indian Jewelry Company from Manassa and later Colorado Springs Mr Smith owner
Broken Arrow
Colorado Springs
Mr Smith
Carlisle Jewelry Albuquerque trade mark
old Carlisle Jewelry Albuquerque
Carl Luthy shop hallmark
Carl Luthey Navajo Hogan shop
R moon mark for Relios Jewelry
Relios Jewelry
(Carolyn Pollack)
Dog mark is one of many CG Wallace shop mark
CG Wallace
Charles Garrett Wallace shop
Chimney Butte Nuguematz shop trademark
Chimney Butte-Nuguematz
Chistopher's enterprises Inc trademark on jewelry
Christopher's Enterprises Inc.
CIRCLE J.W. is Jack Whittaker trademark, localised in Phoenix AZ
Jack Whittaker
Phoenix, AZ
Z cross mark for Cruz Studio Jewelry
Cruz Studio Jewelry
Santa Fe, NM
D shop trademark for Delgarito
DRT mark for Desert Rose Trading
Desert Rose Trading Albuquerque
Desert Rose Trading Chima
Desert Rose Trading
FAT First American Traders Gallup
First American Traders Gallup
FAT hallmark is First American Traders trademark
First American Traders Gallup
Stilized F is Carol Felley Anglo designer, manufacturer ans shop owner
Carol Felley
Anglo designer manufacturer
FTC and stars mark is Falcon Trading Co Prescott AZ
Falcon Trading Co. Prescott, AZ
FTC and stars mark is Falcon Trading Co Prescott AZ
Falcon Trading Co. Prescott, AZ
FW stacked hallmark is Fred Wilson's Indian Trading Post 1940s
Fred Wilson's Indian Trading Post - 1940s
GALLUP trademark
Gallup Co
tewa thunderbird mark is Garden of the Gods Trading Post trademark
Garden Of the Gods Trading Post
G overprinted on a right pointing arrow is Geronimo retail shop
Geronimo retail shop
Gilbert Ortega Navajo native american silversmith hallmark
Gilbert Ortega Enterprises 1
Gilbert Ortega enterprise stamp
Gilbert Ortega Enterprises 2
Gilbert Ortega third stamp
Gilbert Ortega Enterprises 3
HMIJ: M Ortega shop native american hallmark
Hand Made Indian Jewelry
G. Ortega 4
GL Studio trademark is GL Miller shop from Albuquerque
GL Miller Studio
GE hallmark for the Golden Eagle Trading Company, Albuquerque, showroom West of Santa Fe
Golden Eagle Trading Company
HBH and Indian head inside a circle is Heavy By Hand trading Co from Albuquerque
Heavy By Hand
HC Hopi Crafts 1962, Hopi Enterprises 1961
Hopi Crafts
Kopavi International trade mark
Kopavi International 1
Kopavi International trade mark actual
Kopavi International 2
hopi crafts
Hopi SilverCrafts Guild 1
Sun mark for Hopicrafts trademark 2
Hopi SilverCrafts Guild 2
Hopi Silvercrafts guild trademark 3
Hopi Silvercrafts
Guild 3
sun face mark on jewelry is Hopi silvercrafts Guild hallmark 4
Hopi Silvercrafts Guild 4
Sun face mark on indian jewelry is Hopi Silvercrafts Guild hallmark 5
Hopi Silvercrafts Guild 5
IH COIN SILVER is Indian Handcrafts manufacturer, 1920s - 1930s
Indian Handcrafts
1920s - 1930s
JP Trademark is Pacific Jewelry Company
Pacific Jewelry Company
JR Silversmiths USA is James Rogers trademak
James Rogers
JR SFe trademark for James Reid shop
James Reid
Santa Fe
JS Candelaro Indian Trading Post hallmark
JS Candelaro Indian Trading Post (1930s)
JWK is John W. Kessler trademark
John W. Kessler Trademark
Kabana trademark
Kabana 1
KBN, KABANA trade mark
Kabana 2
Crowned K hallmark for Little Bert King Company
Little Bert King Company
Les Baker's shop hallmark
Les Baker 1
LB mark for Les Baker shop 2
Les Baker 2
LB Thunderbird mark for Les Baker shop
Les Baker 3
Les Baker trademark 4
Les Baker 4
Les 925 inside Bear Paw for Lester Craig shop
Lester Craig Co
EG back to back is Lorraine Johnson collector dealer trademark
Lorraine Johnson collector dealer
Maisels Indian Trading Post Albuquerque New Mexico
Maisels Indian Trading Post
Albuquerque NM
Maisel Trading Post shop
Maisels Indian Trading Post 1
Maisels Trading Post Albuquerque southwest shop mark
Maisels Indian Trading Post 2
Maisel's Trading post Kashina figure mark
Maisels Indian Trading post 3
Maisels indian trading post hallmark
Maisels Indian Trading Post 4
Maisels Indian Trading Post trademark
Maisels Indian Trading Post 5
maisels Indian Trading Post 6th hallmark
Maisels Indian Trading Post  6
Miramontes Studio trademark
Miramontes Studio
Nalnishi Jewelry, J Hartman owner
Nalnishi Jewelry
(J Hartman)
navajo arts and crafts guild mark
Navajo Arts & Crafts Guild
 Oryx shop hallmark
Oryx Watch Company 1
South west unidentified shop hallmark on silver
Oryx Watch Company 2
Plata de Santa Fe retail shop, Plata Gnapp-Brown owner designer
Plata Gnapp-Brown shop designer owner
PT mark for Prince Trading Co 70s
Prince Trading Co (1970s)
QT trademark for Quoc Turquoise Co
Quoc Turquoise Inc.
R.B. inside a Bear mark For Running Bear shop
Running Bear shop
RL copyrihted and triangle is Richard Lindsey Designs
Richard Lindsay Designs Anglo
Rocking Horse Ranch shop mark
Rocking Horse Ranch
Rancheros Visitadores trademark
Rancheros Visitadores
SANCREST line of jewelry sold by Sandford & Co 1950s
Sanford & Co
Sancrest trademark
Sancrest 2
line of jewelry
Los Angeles
SC inside a cloud trademark is Silver Cloud Jewelry
Silver Cloud Jewelry
Shades of the West shop mark Scottsdale Arizona
Shades of the West  Scottsdale Az 1/
Shades of the West Albuquerque shop hallmark
Shades of the West  Scottsdale Az 2/
S like a $ mark is Shube's Manufacturing Inc
Shube's Manufacturing Inc.
Silver Arrow  or Silver Products mark on jewelry is Silver Products Trademark since 1930
Silver Arrow or Silver Products
Kansas City, MO
Sylver Ray shop trademark
Silver Ray Shop
SN.925 Silver Nugget Co Albuquerque shop hallmark
Silver Nugget Co Albuquerque
Sunburst handcraft shop
Sunburst Handcrafts
SunWest Silver Co trademark
Sun West Silver Co. Albuquerque
Sun West Silver Co shop hallmark
Sun West Silver Co. 2
Supersmith Inc. Gallup NM trademark
Supersmith Inc.
David Rosales
Supersmith Inc. hallmark from Gallup New Mexico
Supersmith Inc. Gallup N.M.
Tèmè Sunburst Handcrafts Inc. trademerk
Tèmè Sunburst Handcrafts Inc.
The White Hogan Silver Inc. shop trademark on jewelry
The White Hogan Silver Inc.
The White Hogan Silver Inc second trademark on jewelry, may be engraved
The white Hogan
(poss. fake)?
TSF copyrighted mark is a Touch of Santa Fe Inc. trademark
A Touch of Santa Fe Inc.
U and arrow mark on jewelry is Uncas Silver Co
Uncas Silver Co
VHC inside a triangle trademark for VanHorne Collection, Scottsdale AZ
VanHorne Collection
"The jewelry Mart"
Scottsdale AZ
WM Co Wheeler Manufacturing Of Lemon trademark
Wheeler Manufacturing of Lemon 1
WM mark for Wheeler Manufacturing of Lemon
Wheeler Manufacturing of Lemon 2
zuni craftsmen cooperative association hallmark
Zuni Craftsmen Cooperative Association
Z or lighting mark is Gertrude Zachary shop Albuqerque
Zachary Gertrude
Eagle head Japanese hallmark on Navajo-style jewelry
Japanese trademark, southwest style jewelry
50 South west unidentified silversmith hallmark on silver
shop 1?
"end of the trail"
shop trademark
Shop 2 ?
arrow head shop mark
Shop 3 ?
Roadrunner mark
Shop 4 ? Roadrunner
skull shop trademark
Shop 5 ?
Eagle shop picto
Shop 6 ?
shop trademark
Shop 7 ?
S inside a rising sun trademark
Shop 8 ?

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Hopi picto marks > - Native American & Southwest picto marks >
Shop marks > - Fake marks > - Unidentified marks >

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* Background image freely inspired by Verden Mansfield Hopi Bolo Tie, Alde Qumyintewa Hopi Bracelet, and Navajo Jewelry !

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